The concepts of sustainability and being green are entirely achievable, but often difficult to define. The truth of the matter is that it takes a large amount of commitment to develop a global program of corporate sustainability. Our solution to these challenges is to take the problem, and focus on smaller manageable modules that can be implemented, measured and controlled so that the global program can sustain itself effectively and financially.

Here at Core1IT, we offer a broad range of these modules, starting first with the largest problem of what to do with the assets you no longer use.

Much media coverage has been devoted to the problems associated with this hot button issue: irresponsible ewaste dumps into landfills, illegal exportation overseas, and the release of hazardous ewaste components into the Earth. We’ve all seen the tragedy of it, images of old PC’s, cables, and monitors, piled into mountains, and poisoning the world.

Our goal therefore is to be the watchdog over your assets, to maximize its purpose, to keep it away from landfills, and to make sure any unrecoverable asset is recycled responsibly, and not sent overseas as ewaste.

  • It must be clarified that though we work closely with multiple Recycling companies around the nation, we are not ourselves a RECYCLING Company — The recycling solution would be to take a unit, bash, break and shred it down to its base components like plastics, metals, etc. and separate it based on its densities.We use this option only as a last resort.
  • When it comes to your retired end of life equipment, think of us as your Triage team. Using a laser scalpel approach, we take a unit and our first goal is to breathe life back into it. Our expertise is in fixing any ailments it may have, then to transplant any vital parts it is missing. For good measure, we destroy any of its memory (ie hard drive) that we find, and give it a blank slate to start over.