IT Asset Management

To provide customized designs and solutions to make the management of your IT Asset Disposition as efficient and cost effective as possible, so that you can focus on your core business.

Our Goal

We represent a specialized division of the Green Industry. Our objectives are to create solutions with the lowest impact on our environment. That means, an absolute-zero landfill policy in addition to zero e-waste export policy.

Cost – Efficiency

We understand the state of the economy and the difficulty it entails. Our sales channels and networks are designed to bring you maximum recovery value. Our end-of-lease services simplify the entire lease return process…

Why Choose Us

  • IT Asset Disposition Solutions
  • Reverse Supply Chain Solutions
  • Refurbished Enterprise Equipment Solutions
  • Retail Solutions
  • Secure Logistics and Transport
  • Data Security
  • Value Recovery
  • Logistics and Planning
  • Advanced Data Destruction
  • Green Event Management

Who We Serve

For 25 years, Core1IT has provided innovative go-to-market solutions for customers around the world. Now, Core1IT Recovery has taken the lead in the reverse supply chain and aftermarket, bringing decades of proven expertise, integrity and experience to the reverse and end-of-life stages.

We believe a zero landfill policy and a zero ewaste export policy are just the foundations of a sound environmental strategy. We also demand the strictest policies from our downstream partners as well.

With our responsible sales practices we give preference to local buyers and traders. When a project or a client necessitates us to go beyond US Borders, we do so under strict EPA, and CA DTSC guidelines. When we do work with overseas groups, we will only ship working, usable IT equipment. Our pledge is to: NEVER EXPORT EWASTE.

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